21 days is what it takes for a hen to patiently wait on top of her egg with the faith that a new creature will emerge from her nest.

William James, a renowned American psychologist and philosopher, demonstrated that twenty-one days are what our brain needs to develop a new habit.

Therefore, if you manage to discipline yourself for 21 days to develop or replace a new positive habit in your life, then you will have proven to yourself that you can change anything in your life, and with that, you will be closer to your maximum potential.


We'll randomly pick 3 bold visionaries committed to conquering the 21-day quest.

1st Prize

x1 year of FREE products (including exclusive drops)

2nd Prize

2x BIG LOGO Hoodies (one for you, one for your partner)

3rd Prize

1x BIG LOGO Hoodie

*We will reveal more info about the prizes once you're inside the challenge.